If you're like me, you often ask yourself "why are there no good resources for finding music made with toys?" Well, since you're probably not like me, I took it upon myself to make such a site. With Minor Keys I'll keep track of the fun and inventive toy music and musicians that you need to know about. Let me know your own faves!

A few reviews and one interview are live so far. Coming soon will be sections profiling artists and instruments. Enjoy!


The live show of Toydeath seems to be a perfect compliment to their superkinetic sound. Chaotic theatrics and scenery. Colorful, cartoony costumes. And a set list that's over by the time you finish your pixy sticks.

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Already an established power pop group, Self goes a step beyond on their fourth album by trading their traditional instruments for toys. And upon first listen, you might not even guess that the band's main axes have been replaced by such hardware as a Playschool Busy Guitar, a Suzuki Omnichord, Micro Jammer Drums, and My First Shaver.

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